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Card Packs

Card packs contain a set of 5 random Immortal and Equipment cards. Every card pack will contain at least one Rare card and will never contain two of the same card.
When available, card packs can be purchased for 200 Creedits, equivalent to $2.00 USD, with a 2-pack minimum purchase. You will receive bonus packs when buying in larger quantities with these presale-only bonuses:
  • 10% bonus for 10-49 packs
  • 15% bonus for 50-99 packs
  • 20% bonus for 100 packs or more
These bonuses will be reduced when the game launches. Please be aware when purchasing that you cannot open card packs yet.
Each card pack edition will have a primary sale with a set number of packs available. When all packs have been purchased from the Shop, you will have to trade with another player or buy from a market to obtain packs until the next pack sale.
200,000 card packs will be available for purchase with Creedits in the Immortal Creed pack presale. An additional 200,000 packs will be made available for purchase with VALOR at game launch, along with another 100,000 card packs created for use in season rewards and other promotional purposes. No additional first edition card packs will be created, setting the total pack count for this edition at 500,000.