Season Rewards

The current Season's Reward Pool starts at a base value based on the prior Season's active player and matches won counts, with a minimum base starting value of 100 VALOR. During the season 5% of VALOR spent in the Shop will be immediately added to the current Season's Reward Pool, and 10% of Creedits spent in the Shop will be immediately converted to VALOR and added to the Pool. If a player created their game account using a referral link, 5% of Creedits spent in the Shop will be converted to VALOR and sent to the referring account, and 5% will be added to the Season Reward Pool as VALOR instead of 10%.

The percentage of the Reward Pool awarded to a player is determined by the number of Season Reward Shares owned.

Reward Shares

For each ranked match won (up to 10 wins per day) a player will accumulate Reward Shares based on the Rank of the match played. A Novice Rank match win earns 1 Reward Share, a Bronze Rank match win earns 2 Reward Shares, a Silver win earns 3 Reward Shares and so on. This allows a player to earn up to 1400 Reward Shares for a Season at the highest Rank.

After all players' Reward Shares have been tallied, the total amount in the Season Reward Pool will be divided by the total number of Reward Shares owned by all players. Each player's Reward Shares are then multiplied by the single Reward Share value and the amount is added to the player's game wallet.


A Player wins 10 Silver ranked matches each day throughout the season (14 days). The player's Reward Shares are equal to 140 * 3 = 420 Reward Shares.

All players have a combined total Reward Share count of 140,000. The Season Reward Pool contains 35,000 VALOR. Each Reward Share is valued at 35,000 VALOR / 140,000 Total Reward Shares = 0.25 VALOR.

Therefore the player receives 420 Reward Shares * 0.25 VALOR for a total of 105 VALOR.

Card and Card Pack Rewards

Players may also receive cards and card packs as Season Rewards.

For each Reward Share earned the player will have a 1% chance to receive either a card pack or a card as a reward, with a 0.9% chance of receiving a single card and a 0.1% chance of receiving a card pack.

A card reward reduces the player's VALOR earned for the Season by 20 (a player must have at least 30 VALOR from Season Rewards to receive a card reward). A card pack reward reduces the player's VALOR earned for the Season by 100 (a player must have at least 110 VALOR from Season Rewards to receive a card pack reward).

A Season Reward card's rarity and gold foil chances are the same as if the card was included in a card pack.

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