Kayan are reptilian hunters with tough, lizard-like skin. This rugged skin provides them with natural protection in their harsh, swampy habitats. One of the most distinctive features of the Kayan is their clawed hands and feet, which make them excellent climbers. Their hands have a combination of sharp talons for hunting and more dexterous fingers for handling tools and weapons.

The Kayan are a tribal society organized into extended family groups that inhabit settlements perched high in the dense Barack trees of the swamps. These tree-dwelling communities provide both protection from ground-dwelling predators and a vantage point for hunting and surveillance. They have a profound connection with the natural world of the swamps, using their natural resistance to poisons to harvest rare and dangerous flora and fauna for trade with other Alarian races.

Within Kayan society, there exists a revered warrior caste known as the "Sa-Ut." The Sa-Ut, besides being skilled hunters, serve as protectors of their clans. They are trained in both the art of wielding traditional weapons and mastering essence magic. The Sa-Ut are the only Kayan who wear armor. This armor, adorned with tribal markings and sigils, signifies their role as defenders of their clans and provides them with added protection in battle.

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