VALOR is the main currency token in the Immortal Creed game economy. VALOR is earned by winning ranked matches and can be used to buy card packs in the Shop.


VALOR maximum supply: 3,000,000,000 (1,500,000,000 POLYGON / 1,500,000,000 HIVE)

VALOR initial supply: 1,000,000,000 (500,000,000 POLYGON / 500,000,000 HIVE)

Initially 500,000,000 VALOR will be minted on the POLYGON blockchain and 500,000,000 VALOR will be minted on the HIVE blockchain owned by game managed wallets. This VALOR backs an in-game system managed pool providing player rewards and liquidity between VALOR stored in-game and VALOR stored on a blockchain.

The additional 2,000,000,000 VALOR will be minted and released incrementally as needed for the expansion of the game economy. This reserve supply allows for future growth and token availability on exchanges through game provided liquidity.

There will be no initial coin offering (ICO) or pre-release of VALOR tokens. Players can only acquire VALOR by playing the game or by obtaining VALOR from other players directly or through a market or exchange.

Utility of VALOR

VALOR can be spent on card packs in the Shop. 200,000 card packs have been made available for purchase with VALOR at a cost of 200 VALOR per pack. Other uses for VALOR are planned as future additions to the game, including as payment for purchasing cards directly through an in-game market.

VALOR can be transferred to a blockchain wallet and traded, but must be transferred back to your in-game wallet before it can be used as payment for card packs in the Shop.

5% of all VALOR spent in the Shop is immediately added to the current Season's Reward Pool.

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