Deepsmiths are forgers, harnessing the heat of the world's molten core to craft items of purity and strength. By combining endurite and niobium crystals under extreme heat the molecular structures fuse seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle. This perfect fit gives their creations amazing strength and durability. Metals created in this fashion have a slight translucent look, with the shine of polished pure endurite and the blue translucence of niobium giving an almost electric blue glow to the items forged.

Their understanding of physical properties also allows Deepsmiths to create objects of complex mechanical design. As their forges require immense heat they prefer to dwell near volcanic regions to access the molten core of the world. The Deepsmiths see themselves as the only race that has a true understanding of the three forces and only they can restore and rebalance the shattered world.

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